I believe that the most special moments are in the details. A certain glance or an uncontrollable laugh. Those are things that make an image authentic. I try my best to make authentic images and that’s a word I use confidently, but not lightly! I like to keep my style real. A stripped down version of traditional.


My dad and I took a two week trip to Italy when I was a teen. We went to see relatives and visit some of the popular sights. I had just got a 35mm point and shoot (I eventually moved on to a Canon FTb) and I was pretty excited to capture every part of our adventure. I soon discovered two things. One was that photographs are great for story telling, and two was that a photo can turn a feeling into something tangible.


  • Gardening

  • Traveling

  • Hiking

  • This planet

  • Honesty

  • In-person conversation

  • Jokes (good and bad ones)

  • All things 70's related


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Exploring Arches National Park. Photo by Nicholas Buchheit

Exploring Arches National Park. Photo by Nicholas Buchheit