Loren De Marco Photography

Tips & What to Expect during your in-home newborn session

Having a new baby in the house can be a little crazy! But it’s the most beautiful, emotional and wonderfully surreal kind of crazy. You’ve booked your newborn session to capture these special moments between you and your baby and are wondering how to prepare for it. Here are some tips that will help you enjoy the whole experience!


I shoot newborn sessions with a lifestyle approach which means not a ton of posing and instead captures playful and natural feeling moments.

► So, getting parents involved is essential! If the new little one has siblings or pets who are like a member of the family, I’d love to get them involved, too!

► Make sure your home is slightly warmer than usual and have your little one fed

This helps keep baby cozy and sleepy

► Any toys, sentimental items or outfits you’d like to include?

Some of those things might be stuffed animals, monogrammed blankets, little hats ect.

► Relaaaax

This is all about capturing those authentic moments with your family. We don’t want baby to sense any stress, so try to relax even if they are getting fussy. We absolutely take breaks throughout the session for you to feed or ease your newborn.

► Atmosphere

If baby is used to having background noise, keep a tv on or play some music. This way they won’t startle as easily. If baby is used to peace and quite that’s great too! Also open all those blinds and have lots of natural light flowing in. We’ll need it to create our soft, beautiful images.

► What to wear

Baby’s look adorable swaddled, in fitted outfits/onesies and of course nude! Feel free to do a few wardrobe changes throughout your session. They probably have some of cutest miniature outfits you’re totally dying to put them in.

Parents and siblings I suggest should wear outfits that work well together but do not match. Complimentary color look great and since we’re photographing in your home, a less formal style works best. Lay your clothes out the night before and make sure you like them together. Another quick suggestion would be to stay away from bold busy patterns or graphic tees. That goes for baby and family!

What to expect

Expect a relaxed session full of loving feelings and natural moments. Be prepared for hungry, fussy or wide awake babies who we will take breaks to ease! Expect my undivided attention and tons of enthusiasm for what I do. It’s such an honor to have you share these moments with me.